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In South Africa, Anger in a Hashtag

JOHANNESBURG – Early one morning last year a handful of students gathered to block the main entrance to the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg to protest the university’s proposed 10 percent tuition fee hike. Their intention: to physically illustrate the economic barriers faced by those attempting to get into the South Africa’s institutions of … Continue reading

DRC: And now for the bad news…

TSHIVIS TSHIVUADI SITS AMONG piles of thin, tabloid-size newspapers that sprawl in alternating heights across his wooden desk. The general secretary of Journalists in Danger (JED), a not-for-profit group funded by various British, French and Swiss organisations, has a wide face and thick fingers. He sits under the fluorescent lights, shielded from the afternoon sun … Continue reading

The Maverick Factory

SOME ENTREPRENEURS ARE BORN. Others are made. Endeavor will take either type – provided they are up to snuff. And with a board that includes ubermavericks like Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. and Discovery founder Adrian Gore, snuff is nothing short of revolutionary. “We are not going for the mom and pop shop,” says … Continue reading

The Kings of Economic Analysis

IT IS 7:55 AM ON A SUNNY TUESDAY IN JUNE and all’s quiet at Econometrix Treasury Management (ETM), the real-time independent financial market analysts whose commentary South African traders consume daily in massive quantity. It’s library-quiet here, all except for the clatter of keyboards that are being furiously manned by four analysts with furrowed brows, … Continue reading

A Monk and his Business Plan

SOMETHING’S NOT QUITE RIGHT AT REGENESYS. Maybe it’s the lone beige candle that flickers on the otherwise standard office reception desk. Or the meditation room with signature Mr. Price burnt orange sheer curtains. Or perhaps it’s those posters of mountains and streams and crashing waves which cling the stark white walls, over lit in office … Continue reading

The True Believer

The True Believer

DAVID PASQUARELLI SITS QUIETLY, his hands folded in his lap. In his sunny lower Haight apartment, the young activist offers ice tea to his guests. He is soft-spoken and polite. He is on his best behavior. He does not resemble the image of a man with 52 civil restraining orders, who stormed into meetings full … Continue reading

Lunch with the Queen

Lunch with the Queen

IT’S A SOGGY SATURDAY MORNING AND ANNA STARCKE, the Grande Dame of South African political analysis, has invited me for breakfast in her Kilarney flat. It’s an assault. And it is not just Ms. Starcke herself – she is doused in a musky perfume, her blonde hair perfectly coifed, a bright pink glossed over her … Continue reading

Out to Annoy

Out to Annoy

HE’S MADE MICKEY MOUSE a homosexual martyr, strapped Dick Cheney to General Electric’s electric chair, slapped the pope onto a perforated condom wrapper and transformed Lady Liberty into a rifle-wielding madwoman. If Clinton Fein has annoyed you, pissed you off, offended your sensibilities, well, that’s exactly what he meant to do. And he makes no … Continue reading