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The Maverick Factory

SOME ENTREPRENEURS ARE BORN. Others are made. Endeavor will take either type – provided they are up to snuff. And with a board that includes ubermavericks like Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. and Discovery founder Adrian Gore, snuff is nothing short of revolutionary. “We are not going for the mom and pop shop,” says … Continue reading

The Kings of Economic Analysis

IT IS 7:55 AM ON A SUNNY TUESDAY IN JUNE and all’s quiet at Econometrix Treasury Management (ETM), the real-time independent financial market analysts whose commentary South African traders consume daily in massive quantity. It’s library-quiet here, all except for the clatter of keyboards that are being furiously manned by four analysts with furrowed brows, … Continue reading

Lunch with the Queen

Lunch with the Queen

IT’S A SOGGY SATURDAY MORNING AND ANNA STARCKE, the Grande Dame of South African political analysis, has invited me for breakfast in her Kilarney flat. It’s an assault. And it is not just Ms. Starcke herself – she is doused in a musky perfume, her blonde hair perfectly coifed, a bright pink glossed over her … Continue reading