How it is in paradise

THIS IS HOW YOU ARRIVE on Denis Island: after bouncing through the air for 25 minutes on an Air Seychelles 19-seater De Havilland Twin Otter Series 300 with a no-smoking sign, a no-cellphone sign, a barf bag and emergency procedures with helpful instructions such as “remain calm” in the seat pocket in front of you,Continue reading “How it is in paradise”

SADC Tribunal goes on trial

IN NOVEMBER OF 2008, BEN FREETH and a motley crew of white Zimbabwean farmers, who took their government to the Southern African Development Community Tribunal in Windhoek in an effort to win back their land, wept in open court when they heard the judgment passed down. After months of stops and starts, the court unanimouslyContinue reading “SADC Tribunal goes on trial”

We Are All Africans

THEY CAME TO LIVE THE AFRICAN DREAM.  Now they sit on patches of browned grass on the edges of our cities, living in tents, their bodies battered, their homes burnt to the ground, their possessions crushed, stolen. Now they must start again. The True Believer He carries the Holy Bible with him everywhere he goes.Continue reading “We Are All Africans”